Adventures With A Blender

Sit down. Relax. Get a cup of coffee. Because this is a long story.

I found a smoothie recipe in a magazine. Looked really healthy. And with a name like Spring Salad Smoothie, how could I go wrong? I like Spring. I like Salads. I like Smoothies.

I went shopping this morning to gather up the delicious ingredients....spinach, cilantro, carrot juice, lemon juice, avocado, plus a few other more weird ingredients. Did you know that weird ingredients are really expensive and hard to find? Now you know.

Took me over an hour in the market, to gather up what amounted to 7 items. Just two of the weird things, added up to over $20. But after investing an hour looking for the stuff, I wasn't about to ditch the whole operation. I was already committed to the recipe. And I knew it was going to be worth it too.

One of the ingredients was wheat grass juice. I bought 4 ounces of fresh squeezed juice at the juice counter, on my way out of the market. They carefully put it into a "to go" cup and put a lid on it. I carefully put the cup into the very convenient cup holder on my shopping cart, and headed out to my car.

For some reason, as you walk out the front door of the market, the sidewalk is covered with these big round bumpy tread things. I didn't notice them,  until it was too late. As soon as the wheels of my cart hit the bumpy tread, my cart started shaking violently. I've been through earthquakes that were more subtle. Next thing you know, my cup of wheat grass juice was jumping up and down in the cup holder......the lid flew off......wheat grass juice splattered everywhere. Have you ever seen or smelled wheat grass juice? It's green, it's ugly and it's smelly! Yes, I uttered a couple of obscenities. I lost about 1/2 of the juice. But I still had enough for the smoothie recipe, so I just gathered my composure, looked around to be sure no children had heard me swearing, and I continued out to my car.

Flash forward.

I'm safely at home, and I've got all my ingredients measured and set out on the counter. I plug in the blender. I'm careful to follow the exact directions and measurements. It's a lot of work for one smoothie, but I can tell it's gonna be a winner. The recipe is complete, and I pour the mixture into a sexy martini glass....presentation is important. I sit down on my couch to relax and enjoy this amazingly healthy and delicious treat. And I take the first sip. And I am repulsed.

I have never been so disgusted! This thing was smelly and absolutely horrendous tasting! How could something so good for me, be so dang bad??!!!

Originally, I had planned to make the smoothie, and then blog about how great it was and how healthy is was, and how everyone should be drinking it. And I had planned to post the recipe. Well, this is your lucky day, because I will not be doing any of these things. Therefore, I've just saved you from a lot of misery. You can thank me later.

Moral of the story is, that you should try new activities. Sometimes it works out, and you find something new that you love. And sometimes, well, all I can say is "Spring Salad Smoothie!"