Fish Tacos for Hip, Cool, Trendy, Progressive Adventurers

Before I share with you the spectacular recipe that I found in a magazine, I want to quickly share with you what I did today. Here goes, the Reader's Digest, or Cliff Note version.....please note how much exercise I squeezed into the day, so that you'll understand why the recipe, which said it made 12 tacos, only made 5 tacos (me & husband hungry!).....

I woke up and had lunch for breakfast. More specifically, I had the other half of the chicken BLT sandwich that I had for dinner last night. Nuked it for 60" and it was as good as new.

Took dogs on short 15 minute walk. No news to report.

Rode my bike 17 miles. Rode by myself so that I could ride as slow as I felt like, and as few miles as I felt like. No need to kill myself keepin' up with others today, or be peer pressured into riding 35 miles. But, you know what? I can't really do anything super leisurely. It's not in my nature. So every once in a while, I'd throw in a real fast interval...get my legs burning and my heart rate up.

Took dogs to the beachfront for another walk. Walked 15 minutes. Stopped for 1/2 hour to enjoy the huge drum circle that was going on (Happy Drum Day, I guess). Dogs were very well behaved, especially given the chaos of 200+ people banging on drums and dancing all around us.

Dax did jump up (in a friendly way), at a woman playing a gourd instrument. He obviously thought it was a toy, and it was a toy that he wanted to play with! Trixie tried to steal a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the same woman's lunch bag. I had to explain to the woman, that dogs love peanut butter. Then, we got up and moved to another spot, far from "peanut butter/gourd lady." Walked 15 minutes back to our car.

A very active day so far, and it was only 2:00! By 5:00 pm, I was ready for a feast. And this brings us to the recipe of the day.....

I found this recipe in Health magazine. These were, without a doubt, the best fish tacos I've ever had in my life!!! Not your usual, run-of-the-mill tacos. More like Fish Tacos for Hip, Cool, Trendy, Progressive Adventurers! Every bite was exquisite!!

Fish Tacos
3   tblsp olive oil
6   tblsp fresh lime juice, divided
1   tsp chile powder
1   tsp salt, divided
3/4  tsp black pepper, divided
1.5  lbs red snapper fillets, cut into bite sized chunks. Can use halibut, etc..
1/2  English cucumber, very thinly sliced
1/2  small red onion, cut into very thin strips
2   tblsp fresh orange juice
1   tsp sugar
1/4  cup mayonnaise
3   tblsp milk
1   tsp seeded, finely minced serrano chile
Tortillas...I made 5 huge whole wheat tacos. You could make 10-12 small tacos

1]  Combine olive oil, 2 tblsp lime juice, chile powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper. Toss with fish in a glass dish; chill for 15 minutes.

2]  Relish: stir together cucumber, onion, orange juice, 2 tblsp lime juice, sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper in a bowl. Set aside.

3]  Combine mayonnaise, milk, 2 tblsp lime juice (I added more lime juice for extra zest!). Refrigerate. If you hate mayonnaise, just skip this part and make your tacos without it.

4]  Pan fry (or grill) fish. Warm the tortilla shells.

5]  Add the minced serrano chile to the relish.

6]  Assemble your tacos!!  Fish + Relish + Mayo sauce + Salsa

7]  Enjoy!!!

    Prior to folding over the tortilla shell.

   The completed project. Not so photogenic, but absolutely delicious!