The New Training Studio....Ready To Rock 'N Roll

The renovation of my downtown studio is complete, and it is AWESOME!!!!!

Here's a "teaser" detail shot. This is no ordinary, boring gym!

I love the colors that we chose! The colors are beautiful, and electric, and completely energizing!! I really wanted to create a space that would energize everyone who comes to workout and play here. And I think I've succeeded. This is a super FUN place to be!!

The studio is flooded with natural light, thanks to the beautiful glass roll-up door in the front. And when it's nice out (almost always), we can roll the door completely open and enjoy the fresh air. Even when it's not so nice outside (hardly ever), we can keep the door closed, but still enjoy the natural light, and the feeling of a nice open space.

Just for fun, here's the "before" photo.....

Now, you MUST come over to see the place.

I invite everyone to come over for a COMPLIMENTARY WORKOUT in the new studio. Just call or email to set up an appointment. I can't wait to share!

See ya'll soon!


Anonymous said...

Cool and Fun. Great job on the renovation. I'd love to work out in that studio.

Nancy said...

Hey Everyone! So, my super energizing studio works!! I did my first workout in it this morning, and I set a new personal best for the 500m row....1:58. Yahoooo!!

John Jaeckel said...

Nancy, looks awesome. As a painter (albeit 'lapsed') I love the colors! My basement gym, by contrast, looks like something from the Soviet Gulag!

Anonymous said...

Great looking studio. Are we allowed to sweat in there!!? Will be following you now that you have this slick blog.



Nancy, I'd take you up on the invitational workout offer in a heart beat, but you are a little far away for the commute... :-)