The Weed Wacker Workout

Weeds. Everywhere. I barely even have a back yard. Most of it is paved. And yet, the little devils continually find new and inventive ways to encroach on my outdoor living space.

I refuse to use pesticides, and so, I must fight using only my will and shear strength....and my quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core. See, where others might only see weeds and the devil, I see a great workout!

Workout Instructions
Start out by making yourself a nice glass of iced tea, and put on some really comfy clothes with some stretch to them. Now psych yourself up. You're going into battle.

Head out into the yard, and find your first weed. You're going to forgo the cushy knee pads and the little gardening stools that are commonly sold at garden supply stores. You are going to do this on your own. No outside, wimpy assistance. No. Just say no.

Keeping your abs and core tight (so that your back doesn't ache afterwards), squat down until you can reach the weed that you're working on. Using your bare hands, or an appropriate gardening implement of mass destruction, pull the weed out, making sure to get the roots with it. Repeat until you have obliterated all weeds from your yard.

To complete the workout, relax in the comfort of your new weed-free yard, and finish sipping on that glass of iced tea.

You think I'm kidding about this whole thing, don't you? Well, last time I did this, I was sore for 2 days! It is an amazing lower body workout.

I'm going outside now to do my own Weed Wacker Workout. So, if you see me looking a little tattered tomorrow, you'll know why!

    Crazy old weed, you're goin' down....