What Did You Do Today?

That is, what did you do today to be healthy, fit and strong?

Start a notebook, and record everything you do each day that contributes positively towards your healthy lifestyle. And do celebrate the little steps. It all adds up to a new, vibrant you!

Here's my list for today (as of 2:45pm, and there's still lots of time in the day to do great things):

#1. Ate a healthy breakfast....cottage cheese w/banana, nectarine, walnuts + sprinkle of cinnamon on top
#2. Walked dogs for 25 minutes
#3. Intervals on my Concept 2 rower.... 8 x 500 meters....each interval @ 2:15 to 2:20 pace, except the 8th interval, which was at 2:06. 90" rest between intervals.
#4. Warmed up before I did my rowing, and stretched after the rowing
#5. Healthy snack....nectarine
#6. Healthy lunch...."Breakfast Pizza".....eggs, onions, green peppers, sweet corn kernels, and gargonzola cheese sprinkled on top (I use cheese to mask the taste of the eggs, which I don't love!).
#7. 1/2 hour of ping-pong. Ping-pong is a great brain exercise, so they say, as well as good physical exercise, and a whole freakin' lot of laughing, which is also most excellent for you!

The Breakfast Pizza, which is really
not a pizza at all, but just pizza shaped!