Boxes of Potatoes Do NOT Grow In The Garden

I just got back from the food store with a big bounty of fruits and vegetables. Wish I could tell you that I shopped at the Farmer's Market, but I didn't quite make it there this week.

Every time I go food shopping, I look around to see what other people are buying, and I am just shocked by all of the packaged, processed products that people load up with. I can't really even call that stuff food, as it bears no resemblance to anything that is grown or raised.

Have you noticed that the entire middle section of the food store contains products in boxes? When's the last time you saw a box growing in a garden or growing in an orchard? NEVER!!! These things are created in factories! They are NOT real food!

Next time you go shopping, buy real, fresh foods...fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, seafood. These are the things withOUT the barcodes! These are the real foods that we should be eating most of the time. They are the most natural, and most nutritious things to eat. These are the foods that are found on the perimeter of the food store.

Big, big bonus here......eating real foods is one of the best ways to keep extra pounds off of your body! When you cut out most of the packaged, processed products, and eat mainly the good fresh stuff, you will get more nutritional bang for your buck, at a fraction of the caloric intake.

Now remember, if I see you at the food store, I will be looking in your grocery cart. I never say anything to the strangers I see with carts full of boxes and packages, but if I see YOU in there with that junk, I'm gonna bust ya!

Today's Bounty....apples, lemons, limes, kiwi fruit, tangelos, avocado, asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage.

Not shown, but also hauled in today and resting quietly in my kitchen....more apples, bananas, thyme, leeks, romaine lettuce, garlic, and yams.