Dude, Sick Workout!

I wish I meant *sick* as in, cool, awesome, amazing. Unfortunately though, I mean sick, as in, I'm not feeling well today. I had planned to go swimming this morning, but it was not to be.

No need to send sympathy cards, because I'm not "sick in bed" kind of sick. I'm just sick as in, a little under the weather, hanging out on the couch in my jammies, sipping on tea, doing a bit of work here and there around the house and in my office, paying my bills and parking ticket, kind of sick.

I'm real big on resting when you're sick, and giving your body time to heal itself. But today, I feel like I can safely do some gentle exercise. I'm talking about real gentle stuff that I can do while still in my pj's.

And so, I present you with a workout for days when you're not really feeling great, but not really feeling super horrible. A workout you can do in your pajamas!

The Jammie Workout
Do each exercise slowly, with emphasis on full range of motion, and proper form and body alignment. Aim for completing 3 rounds, but adjust as necessary (add or subtract rounds), depending on how you feel.

• 20 squats to bicep curl, with dumbbells
• 20 push-ups, broken up and/or from knees if necessary
• 20 sit-ups
• 20 step-ups with weights, alternating legs

When you complete your workout, brew a fresh cup of hot tea, and return to your couch, and get well soon!


Nancy said...

As always, I walk the walk. Even with being a little under the weather yesterday, I did a workout. I didn't break it up like the sets I posted, but I did do a whole bunch of squats, push-ups, step-ups, and sit-ups. And it felt good! And yes, of course I was in my jammies!