How Cold Is Too Cold?

This morning I had planned to go to the pool for the Wednesday morning Masters Swimming workout. My swim stuff was packed and I was walking out to my car, when I was hit by a freezing cold gust of wind. Yikes! What the heck?!

Seems I had failed to do a temperature check prior to leaving the house. You know, look at the outdoor thermometer, and actually go out on the back porch to feel how warm or cold it is. My bad.

Well, I figured there was no way I was going swimming when it was this cold out, so I went back inside the house. And then, I did my temperature check. The outdoor thermometer read 45 degrees, and I'm sure the wind chill made it more like 40 or so. That was crazy!

I so desperately did not want to skip working out today, so I did what any weather wimp would do. I headed back to my car, to head to the pool, to do the aqua aerobics class that's held in the 89 degree pool. I was back in business after all.

The aqua aerobics class was great, and I can't tell you how wonderful the water felt. The hardest part of the workout, was telling my masters swim friends that no, I was not swimming with them today, but that I was heading to the warm pool for the aqua class. I felt like such a complete wimp. On the other hand, I was so incredibly happy to salvage the morning workout, and to not let the weather completely stand in my way.

So how cold is too cold? I guess it depends what you're doing and where you're going! Apparently, for me, 45 degrees is too cold to get into a 79 degree pool, but it's perfect for getting into an 89 degree pool! Hey, works for me!