Joy and Happiness For $6.

Today is a rest day for me. That means no strenuous exercise. Our bodies need time to recover from hard workouts, and actually, it's during these recovery, or rest periods, that our muscles repair and rebuild themselves and emerge even stronger.

Since I'm already taking a rest day, I may as well also turn it into a day to feed the spirit. And so this morning, instead of my usual workouts and activities, I walked the dogs, took a hot bath, lounged on the couch and read the newspaper (only the happy sections), and then did a few errands around town.

On my way home, I stopped at Riley's Flowers and for a mere $6., I bought some joy and happiness. Yes...yellow mums. They're just so simple, and so yellow, and so happy and refreshing.

I split the mums into three bunches, and used three pieces of my mom's silver service for vases, and placed each of them in a different room in my house. You know, spread the joy around!

And now, when I look at my pretty vases of flowers, it makes me feel relaxed and brings a smile to my face. I feel like I'm living a very luxurious life at a fancy spa! All for $6..

I know, doesn't take much to make me happy!