Learn or die

I bet that title caught your attention! What I mean by that is, you have to continue to learn new stuff, or risk dying of boredom.

I teach aqua aerobics at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. I absolutely love teaching aqua, and I look forward to teaching my class every week. But....sometimes I feel just a tiny bit unexcited by the repetitiveness of doing so many of the same things in class each week....and I'm the instructor! I wonder how the participants feel!

So this morning, I went to the YMCA to take an aqua class. I was hoping to learn some new moves, new techniques, new approaches to the workout design.....and I was not disappointed. The instructor was wonderful, the class design was great, and I came away with a bunch of new ideas to bring to my own aqua classes. In fact, I teach tomorrow morning, and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the new stuff I learned.

FYI...most gyms, including the YMCA, will let you pay a day use fee, without becoming a member. You can typically view class schedules on line, and pick a day when you can do one or two classes that interest you. As soon as you're finished with a class (or during it if possible), write down the new moves and info that you got out of the class, so that you don't forget it all later in the day. As soon as I got home this morning, before I even had a snack, I wrote everything down!

You do see where this is leading, don't you? Your ongoing assignment, is to actively and continually, seek out new classes, try out new instructors, and learn new things. Once a month or so, go to a different gym for the day. Or, take a different class than usual at your own gym. If you already have a personal trainer that you work with, sign up for a session with a different trainer every month or two. Every instructor and every trainer is unique, and I guarantee that you'll learn some new things to boost your enthusiasm and your workouts!