Me vs The Pot-Luck

I'm going to a music jam & pot luck party up at Rancho San Julian this afternoon. In addition to the wonderful musicians who'll be there, I'll also be surrounded by lots of food. I know, from previous experience, that there will be a lot of chips, cakes, cookies, and other scrumptious fat and calorie-laden desserts at this gig. And so, I had to make a game plan.

Yes, this is battle. It's Nancy vs The Pot Luck.

Now, I'm not into deprivation, and so I know I'll partake of some junk food and desserts this afternoon. So, my game plan for today, was to be sure I did a workout in the morning (I did). This started me off in the proper healthy frame of mind. And it also burned some calories to counteract the calories I'll be taking in later on. The idea is that, when confronted with all of these foods later today, that I will partake of them in moderation. I put in some hard work this morning, and I don't want it to all be for nothing.

I am strong. I have will power. I can, and will, resist the pig-out!

My Morning Workout

• Warm-up: 15 minute dog walk
• Run: 1 mile for time. I alternated running and walking, every 1/4 of the track. Time = 10:11
• Reverse Lunges: with 20# dumbbells, from step. 10 each leg
• Step-ups: sideways to step. 20# dumbbell, 12 reps each leg. 30# dumbbell, 12 reps each leg x 2
• Backsquats: 30# x 10
• Tube walk: 2x10 steps each direction
• VMO dips: from step. 10 each leg


Nancy said...

I did ok at the party. Ate a bit more junk than I would have liked. However, I probably ate half as much junk as I did last year. That's progress!

And I'm not gonna beat myself up over it. Just gonna move on and start fresh tomorrow!

Helen said...

Hi Nancy. What are VMO dips?


Nancy said...

Hi Helen! VMO dips are Vastus Medialis dips.

Stand on a step 8-12 inches high (facing down the stairs if you're on a set of actual stairs). Pick up your left foot, extend the leg to the front, and slowly reach the foot toward the floor in front of the step by bending your right knee (as if you're going to squat). Bend/squat until the heel of your left foot touches the ground (do not put any weight on it), and then return to the starting position. Complete your reps on one leg, and then switch legs.

Sounds easy, but you will really, really feel these!