Tie A Sack of Rocks To Your Back, And.....

This morning I went to the SBCC track to do my 1 mile fitness challenge, and then to do the stadium stairs. First, I have to say that the view from the top of the stadium was spectacular today! That's reason enough to do your workouts there.

My mile run (mixed with forward, backward, and carriocca running), came in at 10:49. Disappointed at my time, but proud that I continue to take on the challenge. By the way, that's carriocca (probably misspelled), not karioke...I do not sing when I run.

The interesting part of today's workout was the laps up and down the stadium bleachers. I did them with a backpack on, filled with 18.5 lbs of sandbags. OK, not really a sack of rocks tied to my back, but I'm sure it felt pretty much the same! And by the way, the backpack will soon be replaced with a nice, comfortable weight vest.

I went up the stairs 2 at a time, 1 at a time, sideways, sideways with hamstring kickbacks, and frontwards with hamstring kickbacks. And I really really felt the difference between the extra 18.5 lbs, and doing it with no added weight. What an amazing workout for my quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and abs.

The main benefit, or adaptation, that I'm after, in doing this workout with the extra weight, is the same benefit that we're after when we add more weight to our exercises in the gym....increased strength. Another bonus, is that adding weight to our weight bearing exercises, is good for helping to increase bone density.

Next time you see me, I'll be a little bit stronger, and a little bit denser (no jokes please).

Today's Workout:
• Dog walk warm-up...1/2 hour
• Dynamic warm-up
• 1 mile run...lap 1 run, lap 2 run backwards, lap 3 carriocca, lap 4 run. Time = 10:49
• Stadium Stairs w/ 18.5 lb weighted back pack...2 times every other stair, 2 times side step every other stair, 2 times every other stair with hamstring raise, 1 time every other stair
• Beach Walk 1/4 mile
• 60 Russian Twists
• Overhead Tricep Dips...2x8 w/ 30# dumbbell
• Tricep Kickbacks...2x8 each side w/ 20# dumbbell
• Dumbbell rows....2x6 each side w/ 30# dumbbells


Nancy said...

I feel those 18.5 lbs today, in my calves! My legs are going to get so much stronger for cycling! Yea!