The Cat's Pajamas Training Plan

For those of you looking for a highly affordable way to train with me more than once a week, I am now offering a super combination training and coaching plan that I've named The Cat's Pajamas Training Plan. And here's how it works:

#1. You will pay one flat fee. The exact fee will depend on which plan you chose.

#2. We will meet once or twice a week for one on one personal training.

#3. You will also receive additional, custom designed written workouts, that you will complete on your own during the week.

#4. Workouts are designed to use minimal equipment, and/or to use equipment that you have available.

#5. Includes coaching on nutrition.

#6. Includes coaching on motivation, accountability and goal setting.

#7. I'm available to you for any and all questions, issues, etc., that come up during the week.

One of the beauties of the plan, is that you can workout whenever and wherever you want to, at your own convenience. The name, The Cat's Pajamas Training Plan, actually comes from the fact that, when you do the additional workouts on your own each week, you are perfectly welcome to workout in the comfort of your home, at any time of day or night, and in your pajamas, should you so desire!

Plan A....  50.  One personal training session
& one custom written workout per week

Plan B....  60.  One personal training session
& two custom written workouts per week

Plan C....  85.  Two personal training sessions
& one custom written workout per week

Plan D....  95.  Two personal training sessions
& two custom written workouts per week