Fitness And Dating Advice. Huh?!

I'm only gonna tell ya'll this once because I don't want this blog to get raunchy.....

If you're wondering where all the single and good looking guys are, I can tell you. They are all outside playing!

I was at the SBCC track Saturday morning, doing my workout, and the place was swarming with good looking guys. And you know all the handsome firemen in town? Guess where they go on Saturday mornings? the track to work out.

And when I cycle, skate, and surf...guess what? Lots of good looking guys all over the place. What a fantastic, and easy way to meet people! Just smile, say hello, and strike up a sporty conversation.

Try these lines on....

"Cool (bike, board, skates, weight vest, etc.). Where'd you get that?"

"That was an awesome (trick, wave, hill climb, sprint, etc.)! How long have you been (skating, surfing, cycling, etc.)."

That's all I've got, but you get the idea. You can easily work off calories, and find a date, by just pursuing a super fun activity. Now that should be motivation for you to get out there and play!

If you're a single guy, I'm sorry, but I don't know where all the single, good looking women are hanging out. But, if you find them, feel free to use one of my suave lines!

note: this post has been approved by my very athletic and good looking husband