Happy Mom's Day To The Sporty Moms Out There

Happy Mother's Day to my mom (RIP). My mom gave me the gift of good health, because she gave me sports.

My mom taught me how to throw a softball, and taught me how to catch, how to bat, and how to pitch...all in our backyard. She took me to practices and games, and coached my teams.

My mom taught me how to shoot a basketball, how to dribble, and how to play defense....all in our driveway, where she erected a regulation basketball hoop. And she drove me to practice, and coached my teams, and yelled at me when I'd slack off at practice.

My mom helped teach me to swim, and for so many years, she got up at ungodly hours in the morning to take me to swim practice and swim meets. And she always volunteered at meets to be a timer, and to help out wherever necessary.

Those were the only competitive sports that I played, but I also dabbled in gymnastics lessons, and hitting tennis balls against the side of the house (soon to be an Olympic sport).

And I always had lots of toys to keep me active. Mom was probably just trying to exhaust me so that I wasn't such a pain in the a**, but whatever. I always had a bike, roller skates, jump ropes, lawn darts, hula hoops, a yo-yo...everything you could ever want.

My mom would be very happy to know that, at age 50, I still swim, bike, skate, occasionally go to the batting cages, jump rope, hoola hoop, ...and a bunch of other stuff! No lawn darts though. I think those got outlawed in the 80's.

So, a great big shout out to all of you Sporty Moms. You are giving the most amazing gifts to your kids!!