Healthy & Delicious Recipes for The Cooking Impaired...#1

I admit it, I'm like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of nutrition. I love eating really super healthy food...but I also have the most horrendous sweet tooth. The way I deal with it, is to eat really healthy 90% of the time, decently 8% of the time, and anything goes for the other 2% of the time! Oh, and I also don't buy any junk food or sweets...out of sight, out of mind. So in the evening, I might be jonesin' for ice cream, but since I don't keep any in the house, I'll eat an apple instead.

This brings us to the topic of the day, and a topic I plan to write about on a regular basis...

Healthy & Delicious Recipes for The Cooking Impaired.....Because sometimes ya just get sick and tired of eating apples!

These are going to be the most amazingly easy, fast, yet healthy and delicious recipes that I can find to share with you. And today's recipe is...

Blueberries & Mint Delight
ingredients: blueberries and mint leaves

1. Put a bunch of blueberries in a bowl (fresh or frozen+thawed)
2. Chop up some mint leaves (to taste), and mix into the bowl with the blueberries
3. Enjoy

You can't get much simpler, or much healthier than that. I had this with my breakfast this morning, and it was really yummy! It'd also make a great snack, or dessert. And, it also looks very pretty. I forgot to take a time, which will be soon, I'll be sure to take a photo!



Sounds yummy. I love blueberries mixed in cottage cheese. Not Paleo, but certainly Zone and nice for a quick energy pick-up. I use about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and around a 1/4 cup or a bit more of frozen organic wild blueberries.

Nancy said...

Steve, I love this combo too!! And regarding the blueberries, in fact, I usually use frozen organic wild blueberries as well. Unfortunately the fresh ones are really expensive, and are frequently a little moldy tasting. yuck! The frozen ones have just as much nutritional value and are pretty darn delicious!