Humpty Dumpty Was NOT Pushed

If he was pushed, he wouldn't have been so, um, how should I say rotund!

Plain and simple, if Humpty Dumpty had had a workout partner, a class, or a trainer, he would have worked much harder at losing his extra weight. I see and live this principle every day. I watch my clients as I push them to bust their butts in workouts. And they do, and they get results.

Every week, in my Masters Swimming workouts, I bust my own butt to keep up with the other swimmers in my lane. And on Saturdays, when I cycle, I push myself to the maximum to keep up with the other cyclists. Without the cycling group, I'd just be on a leisurely sight seeing cruise on my bike!

Working out with others, is a great motivator. With others to push us and encourage us, we will tend to dig deeper and to squeeze out every ounce of speed, energy, and endurance that we have within us. And it's an amazing feeling of accomplishment to know that you gave it your all, and that you will reap the rewards.

If you don't already have a workout partner, group, or trainer, I encourage you to find one. Not only will you work harder, but you'll also laugh more, and be more likely to stick with your program long term.

And so, you can see how I've come to the conclusion, that without a doubt, and putting to rest decades of debate...that Humpty Dumpty Was NOT Pushed!