Kids Eating Healthy? What? Where?

Today was the annual May Day celebration at Starr King pre-school, in Santa Barbara. You're probably wondering how I know this, and why this is important.

Part of the May Day Celebration, includes the traditional May Pole dance, where kids and parents dance around the May Pole, while wrapping it in colorful ribbons. And to fuel the dance, you need music. That's where I come in.

I play guitar in an old-time music group. And every year, we play for the Starr King May Day Celebration. It's great fun, hanging out with my musician friends, playing music, and most of all, watching the crazy antics of a bunch of pre-school kids as they run, play, make lots of noise, and dance around the May Pole.

The parents and staff at the school are always so welcoming and appreciative of our music, and they always take good care of us. By that I mean, they always give us snacks! And today was no exception.

Today, we were very delighted to experience the fresh homemade sorbet that was made by the kids this very morning! How cool is that? And this was no run-of-the-mill-junk-food-sugar-laden sorbet. This sorbet was made with frozen bananas, blueberries, blackberries, and a little bit of yogurt....nothing else!

I was so impressed that there are parents and schools who really care, and who go the extra mile to feed their kids healthy foods. Way to go!

I look forward to seeing what wonderful healthy treat we'll be having next year!