Let The Tail Wag The Dog

I've always wanted to own a really cute tennis outfit. Nothing real preppy or anything. Maybe something more hip and cool, like the Williams sisters wear. Something with some pizazz, attitude, and a splash of color.

Now, the reason I do not own a cute tennis outfit, is that I don't play tennis. I do play table tennis (ping pong), and I have threatened to buy a tennis outfit to play in, but so far, even I've thought that that really is a dumb idea.

Well, my wish for this tennis outfit might soon come true. I signed up for a 4 week (once a week) tennis clinic at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. The first class is tonight, and I can hardly wait!

And so tonight, I'll head to class dressed in some kind of workout outfit, but not in a tennis dress. I'm hoping that I'll catch the tennis bug, and will start playing on a regular basis. If only I can start playing once a week, or even every other week, then I will buy myself a freakin' tennis outfit.

There just doesn't seem to be any other way around this situation. Want the outfit....must play the game!!

I'll let you know how this turns out. I've gotta dash now. Have to check out tennis outfits online...just in case this "takes!"



Another great post. You seem to be a natural at blogging/story telling, Nancy. Reading your blog - - any of it, is rather like listening to Andy Rooney; informative and yet often tongue-in-cheek.

Whether you relegate wearing a cute tennis outfit to just playing table tennis, or if you find yourself fortunate enough to locate and wear the outfit you are seeking for the court, you'll still have fun.....as a matter of fact, it would be fun to see a "tennis player" dressed to the nines for the court involved in a good ping pong match!

Nancy said...

HAHA!! I promise you that I will eventually post a photo of me playing ping pong, while dressed to the nines in a tennis outfit!!

And thanks for the props on my writing. Maybe I should have been a writer after all!