My New Exciting Vegetable and Fruit Adventure

I love fruits and vegetables. Even as a kid, I would often eat a salad with my breakfast. Never mind that the rest of my breakfast was a bowl of completely worthless, full of sugar, kids' cereal. At least part of my breakfast was good for me! And I've always loved carrots, asparagus, peppers, oranges, apples, name it!

My love affair with fruits and vegetables has continued all through my life. Unfortunately, my love affair with taking the time to get to the farmers' market to buy all the great organic stuff that I love....not so great. But now, finally, I've found the perfect solution...Have someone deliver my goodies to my front doorstep!

Yes, that's right. I've subscribed to a service that delivers a box of fruits and vegetables to my house once a week. My New Exciting Vegetable and Fruit Adventure involves no work on my part. I simply go about my business (usually this means cycling) every Saturday morning, and when I return home, I have a big box of organic fruits and vegetables waiting for me on my front porch.

This is like having X-Mas every week! It's so exciting to carry my box to the kitchen, and open it up to discover what's inside. There are always some vegetables in the box that I don't even recognize. But here's the beauty of each box, is a list of the items included, as well as 3-4 recipes that use some of the various items. And I'm having a blast learning what to do with, and how to cook these new veggies.

My new culinary adventure has recently included mustard greens, fennel, shallots, radishes, and fava beans. Not that all of these are foreign to me. I mean, sure, I know what a radish looks like. I just don't buy them! But when they arrived recently in my box, I put them to good use in my salads.

I love that I'm eating a larger variety of vegetables, and am no longer stuck in the rut of buying the same stuff every week at the supermarket. In my quest to be sure that I use every ingredient that arrives in my box, I've discovered some amazingly delicious and healthy recipes.

There are at least a few companies in Santa Barbara that offer this delivery service. If you'd like more details, either post to comments, or email me. You do pay for the convenience of these services, but in my mind, the benefits far outweigh the costs!