Super Convenient Workouts

Ever noticed that, if it's not easy and convenient to workout, that it's really easy and convenient to make an excuse to ditch your workouts?

A couple of my clients recently asked me if I would come to their house for their workouts. We had been doing our awesome workouts at the SBCC track, which I know they enjoyed immensely. However the problem was, that the extra time spent driving to SBCC and driving home, was just putting them at the brink of a time management disaster.

And so, starting this coming week, instead of meeting these clients at the track, I'll be making house calls. I know, this eliminates one more possible excuse that you might have to not workout. But remember, that's a good thing!

If you're thinking about starting a personal training program, but are concerned about time, please consider this as an option. And, we don't need much space either...indoors, outdoors, backyard, around the all works well, and saves you the time of driving to the gym or to a workout location.

So, no excuses! Just give me a shout and let's talk about scheduling your Super Convenient Workouts!