When Life Gives You Lemons....

Such a cheesy saying, but it's just so true. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that's exactly what I did this morning!

Today got off to a rough start. The two clients that I usually train on Tuesday morning, cancelled their session for today. They did give me advanced notice, which I really appreciate. So I won't trash talk them! But it's always disappointing when someone has to cancel a session.

Then, husband left the house at 8 am to hook up with his usual Tuesday morning cycling group. And he returned home at 8:05 am because his derailleur broke.

Great day, eh? All lemons! And now what? We're both at home, wondering what we're gonna do with the morning. And that's when we decided to make lemonade!

What a fortunate chain of events, because now that we both had time, we could do a workout together! So, off we went to the SBCC track. And what an awesome morning it turned out to be! We both got a great workout, had fun together, and got to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views form the top of the stadium.

Following, is the workout that we did:

The Lemonade Workout
 Tabata Jump Rope. 8 rounds of 20" all out effort, followed by 10" complete rest
 Tube Walking 3x12 each direction
1x 1 step at a time, 10 push ups
1x 2 steps at a time, 10 dips
1x side stepping, 10 push ups
1x w/ 20# dumbbell overhead, 10 dips
1x w/ 20# dumbbell overhead, 10 push ups

• Stadiums w/ 20# weight vest.
1x 1 step at a time, 10 dips
1x 2 steps at a time, 10 push ups

• 3 sets of 10 rows w/ resistance band + 10 push ups