But I Don't Feel Like It

What to do when you don't know what to do and don't feel like doing it? When you know you need to exercise but your brain is saying, "But I Don't Feel Like It."

So you don't feel like working out today, or maybe any day for that matter. You've got to turn off the brain, and start doing what I tell you to do. This works for me, so it will work for you too.

Step #1.   Put on your spandex, or other equally fun and attractive workout attire, or just an old ratty t-shirt and torn shorts. I don't care what you wear, but when you put on the clothing, the intent is to signal your brain that you are going to workout, because this is always what you wear when you do your workouts. I've blogged about the power of spandex before, so, if you read that blog, you "get" this.

Step #2.   Just get your body in motion any which way that you're able to. Try starting with 50 jumping jacks. That wasn't too bad. Now how 'bout 10 push ups? Now you may as well do some crunches while you're on the floor. You can quit any time you'd like, but, guess what...you're already working out, you may as well continue. It's like baby steps...just keep adding one simple thing after the next and before you know it, you've just completed your 60 minute workout! And even if you only do 30 minutes and then quit...who cares, because you just did a workout!! You did it!

Trust me, this technique works. I use it all of the time. Just used it this afternoon. Was feeling lazy and tired, but I put on my spandex, went into the workout studio, stood there for a minute, looked around to see what easy thing I could do to start with, and before I knew it, I had completed a 45 minute workout!

Sometimes people who struggle with lack of motivation and lack of desire to workout, think that people like me don't have these same issues...that we just wake up in the morning itching to get to the gym. Well sure, sometimes I do, but on the other hand, sometimes I don't! So don't beat yourself up over it. Just use simple techniques like these, to trick yourself into starting your workout. It works every time!