The Non-Fat Vacation Strategy

I'm getting ready to embark on a short week long trip, and I've already begun to plan how I'm going to stay healthy, fit and strong while I'm away. I'm tired of going out of town, and coming home with two pounds of extra belly fat! So this time, I'm making a plan, a strategy!

#1.  Pack fitness toys. For me, this means packing my swim suit and goggles, and my TRX suspension trainer. Our hotel has a pool, and I don't care how small and short it is, I plan to do swimming interval workouts in that darn thing! And the TRX, I can anchor on a door in the hotel room and get a fantastic strength workout. If you have a resistance band, that is an easy thing to pack too. I've travelled with a resistance band, and hooked it around hotel furniture, and balcony railing posts. So, no excuse to not get some intense, quality workouts in every day.

#2. Walk everywhere. Not only will you get to see and experience the local sights, but you'll be burning calories all day long. So, if you have the time, skip the taxi or rental car, and just walk.

#3. Have a food strategy. For me this means keeping some simple, healthy foods and snacks in the mini-fridge in the room. This lets me avoid having to eat out three meals a day in restaurants, and therefore I'm able to keep my caloric intake to a normal and reasonable level. For breakfast, I'll have fruit, walnuts, and a yogurt or instant oatmeal. During the daily outings, I do my best to chose healthy meals and snacks. And back at the room late in the day or early evening, I can have another piece of fruit and some nuts or string cheese, so that when we go out for dinner, I'm not starving, and I don't overeat.

#4. Pack your will power. Because #1 to #3 will only work, if you have the will power to stay on track! It's so easy to get lazy and to over-indulge while we're on vacation. I know, I've done it many times. But when I get home, and my jeans are tight, and I can barely make it through a workout, I pay the price and I feel like s***.  Sure, have a good time, and enjoy life, but don't throw away all your hard work just because suddenly donuts and coffee seem like a well-rounded breakfast. Will power, my friends!

I'll report back on how I do this time around. Reminding myself that my trip does not, should not, and will not revolve around food!!