It's About Time For Another Rant

I may have previously ranted about this, but, it's so important, I'm going to rant about it again. So, watch and learn.

You are what you eat. Get it? You are what you eat!!!! And, unless you're Michael Phelps, or some other amazing athlete that trains ginormous amounts of hours every day, what you eat is going to show up on and in your body!! Yes, it is junk, and your body becomes junk. Overweight? Lots of body fat? Unhealthy looking skin, hair, nails? High blood pressure? High cholesterol? Out of breath walking up a flight of stairs? This is the result of what you eat, how much you eat, and how much you exercise. Ok, so, I am simplifying the equation, and there are exceptions. But, for most people, this is the simple equation.

Case Study #1.  There is a woman, who is quite a bit overweight,  that trains with me each week. After one of her workouts this week, she generously offered to share with me, a piece of the chocolate cake that she had baked last night and brought with her to the workout. Uh, hello...what is wrong with that picture?! First of all, this is an item that is loaded with sugar, butter, and white flour....all non-nutritious, and all around bad stuff. Second of all, this woman is supposedly trying to lose weight. Well then, why the heck sabotage yourself by eating high caloric junk food? My advice to her, is to stop baking junk food at home. Stop buying junk food. Out of sight, out of mind. Oh yea, I did take the tiniest tiniest bite of cake, just to be polite. And yes, it was delicious. And, I hope she never brings it again! She'd be much better off having a nice sweet piece of fruit instead, which is what I did after she left.

Case Study #2.  I was at the meat market today, and I was talking to the butcher about grass fed beef, and fat content of the various types of beef, so that I could make the healthiest choice possible. The young butcher told me that he prefers the meats that have higher fat content because they taste better. Duh!! Of course the fatty meats taste better. And while they're busy seducing your taste buds, they're also busy clogging your arteries!!! So, this guy tells me that he had really high cholesterol, but he's taking medication now that has lowered his cholesterol. So I tell him that, if he stopped eating so much fatty red meats, he probably wouldn't need to take medication. So, he tells me that he loves to eat red meat, and that it's only one pill a day that he has to take. So, I gave up on this conversation, took my package of low fat content buffalo meat, and left, wondering how old that poor guy will be when he has his first bypass surgery.

I'm not an idiot. I know that making healthy choices when it comes to food, is sometimes super tough! I am tempted by the same things you are! But, I chose to make healthy choices because I cherish the benefits that come from making healthy choices.

You are what you eat. I want to be fast, strong, lean, and healthy, and so I chose to eat foods that produce that outcome. Of course I indulge every now and then, but I make that the exception, not the rule.

In conclusion, let me be blunt....You will never shed those unwanted pounds of body fat, and you will never get off of your pills, and you will never feel really great, until you start making better choices about what you put in your body!! When you do the tough thing, and use your will power to make better choices, you will reap the rewards. And guess what? I promise you that you will physically and mentally start feeling much better!!! I promise!


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