Two shiny, happy, wet people!

Sometimes, if you think about it too long, you will talk yourself out of exercising. Sometimes, if you don't think about it long enough, you will exercise when you maybe shouldn't! I'll call the latter one a "No-Brainer," as in, when one doesn't use their brain.

This morning was pretty much a "no-brainer" for me and husband. Started the day by watching the Tour de France, and then I said to husband, "Let's go cycling now." Had we used our brains, we'd have noticed that the pavement was a bit wet, and it looked completely socked in with heavy, low fog down towards the beach, and we would have consulted with the local weather experts prior to heading out. But, we didn't, and off we went.

I'll give you the short version of this about 7-8 blocks into the ride, I said, "It's raining." And we kept riding. About 3 miles into the ride, I said, "I'm getting wet." And we kept riding. At about the 6 mile point, I said, "I'm getting soaked and I can't see out of my sun glasses." And we kept riding. At the 8 mile point, I removed my glasses so that I could see. At the 9 mile point, we stopped at the coffee shop for coffee. That's also when I realized that I was indeed dripping wet. We thanked the baristas, told them it was a beautiful day outside, they laughed at us, and we went on our way.

16 miles total. Definitely a No Brainer ride. But, what do you think was the first thing I said when we got home? "That was so much fun. I'm so glad we went riding!"

Has anyone seen my brain? I seem to have misplaced it!