Weighing Myself After My Vacation

Of course I'm NOT going to do that! I'm NOT going to weigh myself after my vacation! Do you think I'm crazy?!

I've just returned from my trip to Virginia to visit some family and friends. Since I know that you read my last post, I know that you know that I know that you know, that I had come up with a pre-trip strategy to stay fit and healthy while away. Here's my post trip report, with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Day #1...Back East and Down Home. This was a day of travel. Santa Barbara, to LA, to Virginia. While waiting for our first plane, I did dips and push-ups and crunches on/in my chair. Got some weird looks, but security left me alone. Was happy to do something other than just sit there. Spent the rest of the day flying to LA, and then cross country, then driving to Alexandria,which basically means that I sat on my a** for about 8 hours. +5 points for a creative airport workout

Arrived in Alexandria, went out to dinner, stopped at the market to buy breakfast items to stock the mini-fridge in our hotel room, just like I said I would! Worked out great, as every morning we had yogurt, fruit, and nuts...saved time and started the day in a healthy, calorically modest way. +8 points for thinking ahead and being proactive in planning healthy breakfasts

Day #2...The Indoor/Outdoor Sauna. Started the day with a workout in the little hotel gym. The air conditioner was broken, and it was like a sauna in there. We opened a couple of windows, but, unfortunately, it was like a sauna out there too! We were literally dripping sweat, and that was when we were just standing still. After a 20 minute workout, we jumped into the hotel pool to cool off. Ahh...felt great! +9 points for persevering through nasty hot and humid conditions to complete our workout

That evening, the "healthy day" started to unravel when our friends picked us up in their speed boat and we cruised the Potomac. Bring out the beer, chips, guacamole, crackers and cheese and celebrate with our old friends! We pulled up and docked at a couple different restaurants and bars on the river and continued to indulge...frozen margaritas and great seafood were the hi-lights. This was no "Healthy Spa Cruise" and you know what? I didn't really care!  -10 points for eating and drinking a lot of junk

Day #3...A 2 Mile Walk Is The New Marathon. First thing in the morning, we took a self-guided walking tour of Old Town. Would have walked a lot longer and further, had it not been a blistering 85 degrees out at 9:00 am, with about 85% humidity. Cut the walk short, showered, and went about the day, being sure to stay in an air conditioned environment at all times! +4 points for eeking out a short walk

Topped off the day at the wonderful hotel restaurant, with beers and some good old southern fried food. Delicious, but fried. Oh, plus an amazing huge piece of chocolate pecan pie for dessert. How many points do I lose for that? -6 points, could have been worse

Day #4...Mr and Mrs Chips Goes to Washington. Checked out a couple of beach cruiser bikes from our hotel, and headed up the bike path towards Washington DC. Rode about 5 miles each way. Tons of fun, even though our tires were low on air, and my third gear didn't work. +7 points for cross-training while away from home

Ate pretty well and healthy all day. Met some friends for dinner and indulged in more beer, great seafood and a huge, giant over-sized gourmet ice cream sandwich for dessert. -5 points, could have been much worse

Day #5...Urban Attack Workout. A/C still on the blink in the hotel gym, so we hit the city streets to workout. 1/2 hour that went something like this: Walk one block, 30 jumping jacks at the corner, walk one block, 30 squats at the corner, cross step one block, 2-footed hop jumps up and down an outdoor staircase, walking lunges for one block, 30 jumping jacks at the corner, walk one block, 10 push ups, 10 dips, 20 step ups on each leg, 10 inverted rows on stair railing. +10 points for a fun and sweat-inducing city workout

And once again, my undoing was at dinner. Lots of seafood, everything was so amazing, and I just kept eating everything in front of me. And really, who can resist Key Lime Pie for dessert? -7 points for over-indulging

Day #6...Go West Young Man. All day to travel back to Santa Barbara. Airport food, airline food, no exercise. -10 points, double whammy

If you're interested, you can add the points up and see how I did. I'm not going to add them up. I did the best I could, on any given day, to fit in exercise, enjoyment, exploration, and celebration with good friends. 

Sure, I over-indulged and could have done better. But on the other side of the coin, I could have done much worse had I not fit in some great exercise sessions. So I think I'll just pat myself on the back and I'll just be sure to fit in a little more exercise this coming week. You know, just to even out all those sweet indulgences!