I'm A Maniac In The Kitchen

Seriously, I've been cooking up a brilliant storm lately. Delicious meal after delicious meal, all just filled with super healthy ingredients. Lean protein, healthy fats, and a big pile of veggies. Not only am I loading up on healthy nutrients that nourish my skin, hair, nails, and general well-being, but notice how I'm also not indulging in stuff that basically just clogs arteries and makes big bellies bigger! Healthy eating...inside and out!

Here's the latest creation....

Wild Caught Salmon & Sauteed Super Veggies

• First...the Salmon. Pan fry salmon fillets in olive oil, with a tiny bit of butter, salt and pepper to taste. Pretty darn easy.

• Now for the veggies. Cut up all kinds of super healthy veggies...anything goes. I used carrots, beets, yellow squash, green beans, and anaheim chiles.

• Saute veggies in frying pan, with olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil and honey. Don't be alarmed when all of the veggies turn deep redish purple...it's just from the beets!

• Time to eat!! 

Now the beauty of making the fish and veggies together, is that the sweet olive oil and honey mixture from the veggies, can run into the fish. I don't usually like my foods to even touch on the plate, but you've really got to go with this one and let the juices combine. So sweet and delicious!!