A Fish Out Of Water

This Friday, I'm having Lasik eye surgery. It's just a retouch from the first time I had it done three years ago, and this time, it's just my right eye. Should be a piece of cake, and I know exactly what to expect, since I've had it done once before.

Now, the biggest issue I have with having the surgery, is that I have to stay out of the water for an entire month! **Gasp!!!** Yep, have to stay out for a couple days prior to having the final eye measurements taken, and then have to stay out for three weeks following surgery.

A whole month with no swimming. I'll be like a fish out of water!

My challenge now is how to stay in shape while I'm banned from the pool and ocean. And since I am also experiencing elbow tendonitis, this eliminates the possibility of performing almost all upper body exercises.

And this is why and how, I landed in my very first Spin Class on Saturday!

Spinning....50 straight minutes of hard core cycling in place in a room with 30 other people and loud music. It was brutally hard, and so much fun! It was really a fabulous cardio and lower body workout. It's kind of a love/hate relationship, I suppose. It hurts, but you know it's really good for you....so much so, that I went and did it again on Tuesday morning. And I plan to keep doing it while my eyeball rehabs. And I'll probably keep doing it after my eyeball rehab too. It'll be a great addition to my swimming and other various workouts that I usually do.

Being a fish out of water has already had it's benefits, as it's helped me to discover a whole new fun thing to do. Now, by time I get back to swimming, I'll have the upper body muscles and strength of a 10 year old girl, but, I'm gonna have thighs of steel and I'll be able to kick some serious butt on my road bike!