"I See," Said The Blind Man

WARNING: This video is actual video of my eye surgery. It's a little creepy. View at your own discretion!

Are you wondering how my eye surgery went? Well, I'm super happy to report that it went wonderfully well! It was much easier than the first time, and I must say, that I think my eyesight is better than after having it done the first time around.

Even though the doctor assured me I could get back to working out the day after surgery, I decided to err on the side of paranoia, and I took off four days total. Every few months, it is a good idea to take an active rest week, or at least, a 50% intensity week, so this worked out just fine for me.

Tuesday I started back up with a Spin class (remember...no swimming for four weeks!). That was my 3rd Spin class, and it seems that I'm catching onto how this all works. I'm getting a great workout, and I love the music they play during class! When I think I just can't keep on going, I close my eyes, relax my upper back and neck, and just get into the music. Somehow, just temporarily, I'm able to forget how badly my quads are burning!

I never thought I'd like sitting in a room, on a bike, sweating my ass off. But, here, I'll say it only once...I LOVE SPINNING!!!