I'm Tired of Eating Grass

Grass. That's what my dad calls salad. Grass.

I come from a long line of salad lovers. Growing up, we always had a salad with our dinner. And if someone didn't eat their salad with dinner, then it'd get saved in the fridge, and I'd eat it with my breakfast. Never you mind that breakfast was usually something like Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms....pure sugar...yea, never mind that part of this story.

So, I still love, love, love salads....all kinds of salads with all kinds of wonderful and tasty ingredients. But once in a while, I get really tired of eating grass. It's just one of those things that, suddenly, you just can't stand the thought of eating...but you know you should.

This week, I seem to be going through an anti-grass phase. I still want to get a bunch of veggie servings in each day, and so this is what I do....I make my salad with everything except the lettuce! That's right, it's perfectly legal to do so in most states! And it's fast, easy, delicious, and you avoid the "grass" sensation.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, this is the salad I had today for lunch, along with my salmon...

Grass-Free Salad
• Chop/dice up the following ingredients. Add olive oil, salt, pepper. Sprinkle with goat cheese.
- onion
- cucumber
- carrot
- red pepper
- fennel
- squash
- tomato
- beet

You can add any and every kind of veggie you can think of. You can add any kind of dressing that you like, and any kind of cheese as well. I often add feta cheese instead of goat cheese. And I often add kalamata olives. If you're watching calories, beware of using too much dressing and cheese. Those can really add up if you're not careful.

There you have it. A super easy veggie salad. Now there's no excuse for not eating all of your veggies every day!