Low Self-Esteem, No Charisma, and My Ass In Spandex

Do you read "women's" magazines? You know the ones...everything from Cosmo, to Vogue, to Women's Day, to Oprah and beyond. 

I had a bunch of airline miles that were about to expire, and my only option to not completely lose them all, was to use them for a bunch of magazine subscriptions. So now I'm the proud recipient of Women's Day, Oprah, Cosmo, plus a few magazines that I actually love, like National Geo's Traveller, and Money. I'm hoping that, if I read Money, I'll figure out how to manage my money well enough so that I can travel somewhere that National Geo's Traveller says is a cool place to visit!

Getting back to the "women's " mags.....here it is in a nutshell. I am sick and tired of opening one of these magazines, only to be told that my lips, eye lashes, and eye brows are all too thin, my hair is too frizzy and not the right color and not shiny enough, my cheekbones don't seem to be high enough, my forehead is too high, and the dark circles under my eyes are just plain wrong. In addition to that, I don't wear the right clothes, shoes, jewelry, or accessories.

A couple of hours relaxing on my couch on Thursday evening, reading these magazines, and I gotta tell you, my self esteem hit rock bottom! I didn't know I was so hideous! On top of all that, I took the quiz in Oprah, titled "How Charismatic Are You?" and I went into a tailspin when I found out that I ranked near the bottom on the charisma scale. WTF????!!!!

Fast forward to this morning. I'm out cycling, heading down Modoc Rd., by myself, when a couple young guys in a truck ride by and cat-call whistle at me!! And it was a "you're hot" kind of whistle, not a "get the hell out of the road" kind of whistle! And yes, I did look around to see if there was some young hot babe walking by on the sidewalk. And no, there was not! It was all for me. Me, and my Spandex-clad ass!!

Now, as if that wasn't enough for one day....ten minutes later, I'm waiting at a stop light, and as a car pulls up next to me at the light, I hear a woman say, "That's a really nice jersey." Yep, she was talking about my bike jersey!

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have a fun cycling jersey, and a butt that looks good in Spandex, and be out cycling on a Sunday morning, than sitting at home reading those silly magazines that dare tell me how to "fix" myself. This is how to "fix" yourself...go outside and play! Run, ride, swim, laugh a lot, soak in the sun, get strong and fit, and stop reading magazines that make you feel like crap!