5 Easy and Painless Ways to Lose a Pound

If you're trying to lose weight, than your best bet is to combine exercise, with healthy, sound eating habits. You need to cut calories and increase exercise in order to burn enough calories to lose weight, while at the same time, maintain muscle and strength.

To lose one pound, you need a 3500 calorie deficit. Here are five easy ways to lose a pound by just modifying your regular dietary habits.

#1. Kick the "wine with dinner" habit. One 5 ounce serving of wine has 125 calories. Eliminate one glass per day, and you'll lose one pound in 28 days. Usually drink two glasses with dinner? Eliminate just one, and you'll lose that same pound.

#2. Lose the bread from your sandwich. Yes, just take the ingredients out from between the bread, and eat it with a knife and fork. Toss the bread. A slice of bread averages 70 calories per slice, but can be much higher as well. Eliminating those two slices of sandwich bread (or breakfast toast) per day will save you 140 calories. You'll lose one pound in 25 days.

#3. Don't drink your calories (yes, this warrants a whole separate category from the "wine with dinner" note). An 8 oz soda is about 150 calories, a glass of orange juice is about 110 calories. Eliminate one soda and one glass of juice per day, and you'll lose a pound in 14 days.

#4. To avoid the "muffin top," avoid the muffins! Next time you stop at the coffee shop and order a  muffin to compliment your coffee or tea....DON'T!! That muffin can pack a whopping 400 to 600 calories! Lose a pound in only 7 trips to the coffee shop.

#5. Mini-Size your indulgences. Going out for ice cream on Saturday afternoon? Awesome, but just get one scoop in a cup. By skipping the entire 2-scoop sundae, you'll easily save 350 calories. Lose a pound in 10 trips to Baskin Robbins.

You can see how easy it can be to lose 4 to 5 pounds a month, just by modifying your eating habits. Now, combine that with stepping up your exercise plan, and you can easily shed 8 or 9 pounds a month. And that is a very healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss.

Take a look at your own eating habits to see where you can cut a little here and a little there. You won't even miss it!