5 Healthy Snacks That I Love

I rarely ever go more than about 3.5 hours without eating. Rarely. And if I do, it can get ugly, fast! 

It really is a good idea to have two or three snacks during the day to help keep your energy level constant. Just remember that, if you're watching calories, that these snacks are not calorie-free. So, be sure to adjust by making your other meals a bit smaller.

Generally, it's a good idea to eat protein, carbs and fat at each meal and snack. You will see that not all my snacks adhere to this. It's not that I don't agree with the method, it's just that I found that when I tried to include all three with each snack, my snacks were turning into rather large mini meals. So, I don't stress about it. I just have a snack and go on with the day.

I usually have a snack around 10:30/11:00 am, again around 4:00 pm, and again around 9:00pm. So, here are five of my favorite healthy snacks to get me through the day and keep me happy. 

#1.  Almond butter and pureed pumpkin on a rice cake. Healthy fat w/ a little bit of protein, meets fiber, meets, well, a rice cake.  I like rice cakes. You might prefer a slice of whole wheat bread. 

#2. Apple (or other favorite fruit) with a dollop of almond butter. Also try substituting sunflower butter, cashew butter, or other delicious unadulterated nut butter of choice. That means, skip the Skippy's or Jiff, and stick to all natural butters. The ingredient list should only have ONE ingredient. My almond butter only contains almonds!

#3. Raw veggies. Cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots, red and green peppers are my favorites.

#4. Nuts. Just a small handful of walnuts or almonds will do the trick. Remember, no dry-roasted/lightly salted s*&% here. Just raw nuts!

#5. Leftovers. A little bit of whatever I've saved from lunch or dinner. Chicken, fish, veggies...whatever!

Hope this gives you a few ideas of what to stock in your fridge. Notice how I do NOT snack on chips and candy and such. That's because I don't buy that stuff. None, nada! Banish the junk, and stock up on healthy and easy snacks so that next time you need a snack, there is only healthy stuff to reach for!!


jsrw512 said...

Loved the recipes! Cross fit new by so diet is a mountain to be scaled. Thanks for your help,

J Wagoner

Nancy said...

Hi Jeannette! Thanks. I try to share all the healthy recipes and eating tips that I can. It's essential to get your eating dialed in. It's the combo of healthy eating and your exercise program that'll get you the best results in how you look and how you feel! Enjoy the journey!