My Top 3 Vices

.....because nobody should have just one!!!

So, ya'll really believe that I exercise and eat veggies all day, every day. Well, I guess I pulled the wool over your eyes! And now I'm here to confess, that indeed, I do NOT exercise and eat veggies all day, every day. Although, compared to most people's habits, it must look that way.

I believe in, and preach, moderation. I'm sure you've heard of the 80/20 principal, which is, that if you eat right 80% of the time, then 20% of the time, you can eat whatever you want. I'll modify that to say that if you eat really healthy 85% of the time, then 15% of the time, you can eat almost whatever you want to!

In my day to day life, I eat like I'm a poster child for healthy food. But what happens to me on nights out and special occasions? Of course, I eat almost whatever I want to!

Here are 3 of my biggest vices when it comes to healthy eating......

#1. Sugar. I am a sugar queen. I know that it's one of the worst things you can put in your body for many reasons, but I still like sweet things. This is why I don't keep any of it in my house. But, come parties, and special occasions and such, I do NOT deprive myself of delightful sugary foods. A couple nights ago, due to just a simple craving, I was out at Baskin Robbins getting a scoop of ice cream. And Saturday night I'm going out to eat to celebrate a special occasion, and I picked the restaurant based on my absolute love for their coconut cake.

The key here though is....eating cake and ice cream are not frequent occurrences. If I ate cake and ice cream every day, I would probably not fit into my favorite jeans! So, don't deprive yourself, but do make sure that it doesn't become a frequent habit.

#2. Tortilla Chips at Mexican Restaurants. Do not get in the way of me and my basket of chips and salsa! And again, I never buy chips for the house, but when I go out to eat Mexican food, I just love eating chips and salsa. I shudder to think how many calories and grams of unhealthy saturated fats are in those chips. I can't even bring myself to look it up on line. But guess what? I only eat out Mexican food maybe once a month, and I just chalk up that basket of chips to my "ok to eat junk once in a while" program.

#3. Laziness. I think I can call that a vice. Just go with me here. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to make myself a healthy lunch or dinner and I'll find myself eating whatever I can scrounge together. Good news is, I don't keep junk in the house, so it can't get too bad. Bad news is, that I'll end up eating very unbalanced meals, usually void of vegetables. OK news is, that this doesn't happen very often.

There, now you know my vices, my "issues." Nobody eats perfectly all day, every day. Don't beat yourself up over a not perfect meal or two. But do aim to eat super healthy most of the time, and you'll be just fine. As Jerry Seinfeld said, "It all evens out."