Carpe The Freaking Diem

I was reading my weekly horoscope in the Santa Barbara Independent last week, and the very last line read, "Carpe the freaking diem." And I thought, that's pretty freaking cool, because I try to do that every day!

So, what about you? Do you "carpe the freaking diem?"

Take an honest look at how you live life each day. What activities do you do from day to day, that excite you, turn you on to life?

Here's my list of stuff I do all the time, that I just totally love....things that are fun, exciting, worthwhile to me, things that make me happy and energize me.......

1. Play with my dogs
2. Ride my bike
3. Ride my new scooter
4. Swim
5. Teach fitness classes and one-on-one clients
6. Play music with my friends
7. Read
8. Watch X-Files reruns with my husband
9. Blog

Notice that "skydiving" is not on my list! Doesn't have to be on yours either. This is not the Adrenaline Junkie's List of Exciting Things To Do. It's just my own little list of things I do every day, every week, to CARPE THE FREAKING DIEM!!!!!

Make your own list. If your list is empty, than you need some serious lifestyle adjustments! Start small, pick one thing you adore doing, and do it this weekend! There, you're on your way to recapturing the wonderful life that you deserve!