You Think You're Dedicated to Good Health?

I hear so many people talk about how they wish they could lose weight. This talk is often followed by talk about the food and drink at a party they attended, or how they just don't have time to exercise because they work so much.

For a long time now, I've been talking about how there are no excuses for poor health and fitness, there are only choices that you make on a day to day basis. And, the sum of those daily choices add up to your overall health, fitness, and well-being. (obviously exceptions are people with certain illnesses, conditions, physical issues, etc..)

I'd like to share a few stories about my awesome dedicated clients. These are real clients, real situations. These are not earth shattering stories, but just great examples of how these clients have made good health their priority. I hope that these inspire you to stop making excuses and to take responsibility for your own health.

Client #1
I have a 91 year old client who I work with twice a week in the pool. Every session is a bit of a struggle for her, a bit uncomfortable. But she shows up twice a week and works hard with me so that she can maintain some muscular strength and range of motion in her joints and limbs. Every session, as she gets in the pool, she complains that the water is too cold. But, regardless, she keeps on showing up. Think of her next time you say that it's too chilly to go out for a run or a power walk or a short bike ride! You can endure a little bit of uncomfortableness, and the payoffs are huge!

Client #2
I just started working with a woman who started training for a triathlon. This woman is a regular person who wants to get healthy and lose some weight and have fun doing it. She will be driving an hour each way, twice a week, to train. This past Sunday, she braved downpours, flood warnings, and high wind warnings, to make it to our morning session. She's married and has a young son, which I'm sure involves a bit of juggling and family support so that she can reach her goals. Think of her next time you say that you're too busy to stop at the gym for 45 minutes on the way home from work. Get creative with your time to make it happen!

Client #3
I've been working with this person for 6 or 7 weeks, twice a week. Except for one week, when she was sick, she has never cancelled and never shown up late. She juggles being a single mom, and working, and now, working out with me. She knows that her workouts are going to be hard, and she's even said to me, during workouts, "I hate you!" I think she was joking! But, she has made the decision to lose weight by taking on a healthier lifestyle. She's extremely "caochable," which means that when I give her workout homework and nutritional advice, she listens to me and does it!! And she's getting results. She feels better, has more energy, her balance has improved, she's learned new skills, and she's definitely stronger and is developing good cardiovascular capacity. She's working hard and working smart by dialing in super healthy eating habits. Yes, she had to make changes to get results. Think of her when you reach for the next bag of cookies, and yet lament how you can't lose weight! You have to make changes, and you CAN do it!!

Every person has their own story and struggle with weight and/or health. And almost everything is overcomeable (is that a word?!). Half of the battle is just showing up every day with the attitude of "I CAN do this." Often it just takes some compromise and creativity to make it happen!