KISS Keeps Me Lean And Healthy

Remember that old acronym, KISS? Keep It Simple, Stupid. I'm going to propose to you that, if you just follow this principle in regards to your diet, that you will have the best chance of staying lean and healthy.

How It Works
1. Every meal does not have to qualify for inclusion in Gourmet Magazine. And, it doesn't even have to look good enough to post on your blog!

2. You can throw together the most simple healthy meals with just a few ingredients.

3. The more simple you keep your meals and recipes, generally, the less calories you'll ingest.

4. The more simple your recipes, the happier you'll be because you won't have to spend all freakin' day shopping for weird ingredients, all day cooking, and all night cleaning up!

KISS In Action
• All you need is a lean protein (fish, chicken, lean meats such as buffalo), some vegetables (cooked or raw), and some healthy fat (cook your meats and veggies in olive oil, or drizzle olive oil on the veggies, or add a couple slices of avocado)

• BOOM!! You're done. Simple, healthy, fast, lean. Real foods. Real nutrition.

What I Had For Dinner tonight
• In olive oil, sautee baby carrots, broccoli and onions. Add "no sugar added" tomato sauce. Simmer.
• Sautee ground buffalo meat
• Cook a spaghetti squash (ok, I admit, I nuke it), and when done, use a fork to shred it onto plates
• Put meat and veggie mixture on top.

It's pretty dang good. Not gonna win any pretentious culinary awards, and not beautiful enough to put a photo of on the cover of any glossy magazine. But super tasty, super healthy, super fast and easy, and very lean and low-calorie.

Just take the formula of lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats...throw it all together...and it's almost fool-proof. Almost..........