The Cost of Good Health

I was teaching my usual Aqua Aerobics class at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club this morning. It was a super glorious day in the pool, and all was well with the world, unlike yesterday, when a dead baby bird fell from the sky, plop into the middle of the pool while we were working out!

The only thing not all well with the world this morning, seemed to be that one of the women was complaining about how much her club membership costs her each month. I don't dispute that it can be costly, especially for an entire family. However, I did feel the neccessity to speak up and say, "Yes, that is a lot of money, but you are giving yourself the gift of good health, and in the long run, you're gonna save money on health care bills because you and your family are staying active and fit now!"

Once again, I refuse to listen to excuses like "I can't afford it," when I know darn well that these same people are out spending lots of money on things that are just unimportant when compared to one's health.

So here it is, straight forward, from my heart.....

You can not put a price on good health, energy and vibrancy.  And if you need to cut back on buying new clothes, buying expensive make up, having your hair colored every month, or buying a new designer purse, in order to afford a gym membership or a personal trainer....then do it! You will look and feel so incredible, that nobody will notice that you're carrying last year's hand bag. Everybody will notice your new-found energy and confidence and excitement for life! And that's the kind of attention that counts!!

End of sermon.......