Uh-Oh....It's Party Time

I have two great holiday parties to go to this week. I already figured out what to wear. Now I have to figure out how to NOT eat everything in sight!

So here's my plan....I'm gonna make a plan...and I'm gonna stick to my plan. At least, that's the plan.

My plan is this:

1.  Do NOT hang out near the buffet table.  If I'm not within an arm's reach of the goodies, then I can't mindlessly and endlessly grab goodies while I'm talking to my friends.

2.  Drink lots of water. This will give me something to do that doesn't involve food.

3. When I'm ready to eat, take a small plate, fill it up once with the healthiest items I can find, and then back away from the buffet table again!

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Feel free to adopt my plan, or to make one of your own. But do NOT show up without a plan!!!

Good luck!