My Healthy Day......

Wondering what I do, and what I eat, to stay healthy and in good shape? Every day, I try to eat a bunch of healthy foods, and to get some vigorous exercise in along with my compensatory dog walks!

To give you an idea of my "system", here's my day so far.....
1. Breakfast:  Greek yogurt w/ protein powder, ground flax seeds, banana, walnuts
2. 1/2 hour spinning intervals
3. 1/2 hour doggie walk
4. Snack: 3 dried plums
5. Lunch: Quinoa w/ roasted veggies, baked chicken, tomato sauce
6. Snacks: 2 dried plums, 1/2 avocado and 1 rice cake

And, what I project for the rest of the day....
7. Dinner: Sauteed veggies, baked chicken and sardines (I know, weird!)
8. Snack: Popcorn or an apple (popcorn will probably win out!)
9. 1/2 hour doggie walk