Private Masseuse vs Private Chef

Today's ultimate lunch discussion topic.....Which would you rather have....a private masseuse, or a private chef?

I'd really love to have both, and don't understand why I can't. However, maybe because I was feeling super relaxed after my morning swim and jacuzzi, and not feeling so much like I need a massage today, I chose....Private Chef!

Yes, I want someone to cook super healthy meals and snacks for me all day long. And, they can darn well clean up afterwards too. If necessary, if they give me an ingredient list, I could do the shopping....if necessary.

I love to eat super healthy most of the time. So, most of my meals are loaded with super healthy foods. But, they don't always look great or taste as great as I would like.

Yesterday's dinner, shown below, was a particularly "interesting" meal. Not only was it a bit weird, but it didn't look so great. And to make matters worse, I served it on paper plates to avoid having to do dishes!!! Here goes. Remember, it was full of nutrients, and the veggie/meat mush was actually quite delicious.

Feast your eyes. Think twice if I ever invite you over for dinner!!

Smoked oysters on a rice cake. Rice cake was too dry, so, ended up just eating the oysters off the top.

Ground buffalo meat with green peppers, squash, and beets, in tomato sauce.

Romantic dinner for two.